Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Double Trouble

This is what we would look like if we had two babies!Whew!!! I don't think so, not for a while anyway! That's actually baby Levi. He was nearly two weeks old in this pic and we took his parents some food on Sunday. He's just about the only boy we know being born this year so we told Lilli to be extra nice to him! I didn't even think about how I was decked out in my blue to meet him, either!

As sweet as Levi was (it's hard to even remember Lilli that small!) I think for now we'll stick to these two kiddos.
Especially after feeling like I've just packed the entire house this evening for a couple of days away at my parents house. Good grief! I know we've packed diapers and food for everyone, but I'm sure I've still forgotten some massively important something or another for one of us. And after listening to redneck neighbors and their dumb bottlerockets all night tonight getting away doesn't sound too awful, even if it does feel like moving.

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