Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sleep Training

Lilli's made it pretty clear the Swaddle Me wrap is on its way out, and it probably is time. The Happiest Baby Doc devoted a whole chapter in his genius book on how to wean them off the wrap, and he recommended starting to wean between 3-4 months, but that some babies still like to be wrapped until 6 months. I guess Lilli's tolerance ended around 5 months since she'll be 5 months old a week from today! And since she is on the smaller side, it probably makes sense that she really hasn't felt constricted until recently.Monday night she woke up around 3 in the morning, fussing about being unwrapped. Then she started waking up a little after 5 (instead of her normal 6 on weekdays). Last night she made a huge ruckus unwrapping herself and playing around after we put her to bed, and about 20 minutes later she got fussy. When we went in to rewrap her she was already at the foot of her crib, unwrapped, face to the crib bars, playing and wide-eyed. I don't really think bumpers are very attractive, so we don't have one, but if she keeps ending up with her face in the bars I may have to get a temporary one. Since she was wide awake we decided to try the one arm out method. It worked great and she didn't wake up all night long. She also didn't wiggle down her crib, either. Brent wrapped her that way tonight at bedtime, and she went right to sleep.With the swaddling issues over the last week or so, plus the cold/sinus infection she had for a week or two after Memorial Day (causing her to wake up coughing, etc) the last three weeks have been some somewhat interrupted sleep for us. Luckily she isn't awake for over 10 or so minutes during these episodes, but I always have a hard time going back to sleep once I've gotten up. Today was our big Christmas presentation at work of our holiday line for this year, so it was nice to get a full night's sleep before this afternoon's big meeting!Speaking of, I am beat and heading to bed - it was a long and busy day today. Brent ended up picking Lilli up since I didn't left work until quite a bit later than usual - it was VERY weird leaving work after 5 and heading home versus my usual 3:30 and heading to daycare! I think he enjoyed seeing all the kids he never gets to see since he drops off and there's usually only 1 or 2 of the 6 there yet.

Have a great night!

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