Monday, June 1, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I saw a little girl named Cleo in Lilli's class really going after her feet. She's 3 days older than Lilli, and what do you know - a couple days later Lilli fell in love with her feet. It was really one of those "lesser" milestones you don't document as much, but I still kept forgetting to get a good pic of it. And then she started doing it in the bath and out came the camera.... I didn't notice how MUCH of Lilli I got in the pic until we downloaded it, but thankfully Brent was able to "clean" the picture up for the inter-webs. =)

We're still feeding her rice cereal once a day. Today she made the most awful faces like it tasted like poop, so I'll probably branch out and get some of the more fruity flavors of it this weekend. This week we'll just feed her once a day with it at night, and then probably next week add a daytime feeding to it.

In other exciting Lilli news, she had a massive poop explosion at church yesterday, pretty much as soon as we got there. The smell was......whew. I'm pretty sure anyone around us knew what was going on, and then as Brent was going to pass her off to me we saw it wasn't just contained in the diaper anymore! LOL! So we both got up and took her out, she was in such a precarious "position" that Brent needed my help to keep the mess contained to just her. I always keep an extra dress in my bag so she had a little wardrobe change and back we went, no biggie. Just something to blackmail her with in the future. We also took her to her Sunday School class for the second time. We would've sooner but she was sick last week and the previous week was a special Grad thing that she mostly slept through. The poop explosion threw off her morning nap, and she fell asleep just as we were dropping her off. We told them she really just needed to nap. Well, I guess that didn't happen, at all, and the word was she cried the whole time - which is pretty much the opposite of "she's really tired and needs a nap". But she took a nice long nap for us as soon as we got home! I'm sure in a few weeks they will learn her just as we have and as her school teachers have.

Have a great night!

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