Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's the least wonderful time of the year - CMA Music Festival time. (The only thing worse for me as a downtown resident-employee-and now childcare user is Monday Night Football. I hope I never have to live through that again - it took me an hour and a half to get home on my 3 mile commute that night!!!!!)

On Wednesday, June 10, Fifth Avenue from Demonbreun to Broadway will close as well as First Avenue from Demonbreun to Church Street. Broadway from First and Third Avenues will also close on this day. Second Avenue will remain open; however, vehicles will be prohibited from turning at the Broadway and Second Avenue intersection. These closures will all be cleared by early morning on Monday, June 15.

  • During the afternoon of Wednesday, June 10, there will also be temporary road closures for "The Fifth Annual CMA Music Festival Kick-Off Parade" and "The Fouth Annual CMA Music Festival Block Party." Beginning at 2 p.m. Broadway will close from Third to Seventh Avenues, Demonbreun will close from Third to Sixth Avenues and Third, Fourth and Sixth Avenues will close from Broadway to Demonbreun.

    Guess where I work? Broadway and 10th. Guess where Lilli's daycare is? Down First. See the problem??? I've literally had to print maps to help me figure out non-closed ways to go and get her!!! Truly awful considering she's just 3.6 miles from me. At least I know I could easily run and get her on foot!!! And there will be fireworks tonight - Sunday night around midnight waking us up each and every night. Personally I think we should get a free set of tickets to pawn for all the logistical nightmares we will put up with this week and weekend!

    Here's a few pics Brent's recently taken. I haven't dumped pics from my camera this week, but these are just about a week old.
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