Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Discoveries...

Lilli has recently discovered her tongue, and in a somewhat Michael Jordan-esque style often sticks it out when she's really thinking or concentrating on something:
Here she is in deep concentration on getting those toes at Long Johns Silvers today at lunch, with her purple lamb strategically & modestly placed:

Her poor legs are getting scratched to herself. The new hand-foot-mouth obsession is leading to some scratches!!

One of the great things about taking her to her own Sunday School class is picking up a fed baby! Normally we'd need to rush home and feed her (or feed her out places if we wanted to eat out). But now we leave a bottle with her diaper bag and the last couple of weeks they've gone ahead and fed her. Everyone loves to feed a baby, and the first thing most people want to do if they start to fuss is either feed or diaper them (one Sunday morning she must've been awful as they went through all 4 diapers in my bag and unless she's asleep we always drop her off clean....). They also have pagers, so if she does end up in a bottomless fit they can just page us and we can quietly exit, although that is one beeper I hope never goes off. So, now we can run errands and have lunch out on Sundays. Score!

She gave us a pretty difficult time this morning by waking up super early. On Saturday she woke up about 6:45, which is unfortunate for a Saturday but not too awful considering she goes to bed at 8:30. This morning she started waking up at 5:15, which is just plain terrible. I don't have to get up for early service until 6:20, so there's nothing good about getting up earlier than that. I think we went back and forth about 3 or 4 times trying to reswaddle her before she fell back asleep until around 6:30 (normally we get her up at 7 on Sunday). After church we went over to Babies R Us to buy the larger size Swaddle Me, and in trying it out tonight we'd give it an F. They don't have as many fabric choices in Large, so we ended up with a peach cotton knit. It's so stretchy it was no match for her and was generally a disaster. (So it's going back next Sunday, if not sooner!!). Her original one is regular cotton which is WAY better. We ended up putting her back in that one, which she then busted out of a couple of times before quieting down.

Here's a couple more from Saturday. These are from Brent's parent's camper. They were in Nashville (well, Lebanon) for a car show with their A model (that was his granddads.) He got some really cute pictures of her in it, but I am certain he will want to Photoshop slice and dice those before I post them. So I'll stick with these cute ones. She was one hot and sweaty baby, but still happy (even with an awful looking mosquito bite on her cheek)!
Glad to be back in the AC instead of the sweaty stroller!!!Have a great Monday!

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