Monday, June 15, 2009


Lilli likes to explore and discover EVERYTHING these can be anything from our Kleenex dispenser to my jewelry and hair to.....the sugar jar.

Friday night we were refilling our sugar dish and she started leaning towards the sugar canister, enthralled by the wooden spoon on the outside.
And as often happens these days....she got that too big noggin a bit too close and banged it on the jar. (How about all that drool on her shirt?????) Never fear - a little boo-boo can easily be ended by giving her the object of her desire!
And of course it goes straight towards her mouth...I can't wait for her to be my kitchen assistant! She would've been handy tonight helping me make a pie for our department "picnic" at work tomorrow. Personally, to me a lunch held in a conference room with no windows should be called a potluck, but whatever! And tomorrow night I'll be making some Christmas cookies for a big presentation at work on Wednesday (on our Christmas line), so this is a big week of baking! She "helped" me last Tuesday night make some pumpkin bread for our Harvest presentation, and was fascinated by my KitchenAid mixer (and kept wanting to put her hands in it, of course!!)

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