Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adventures in Cooking

I've always said I'd like to make my own baby foods for Lilli, and now that we've started solids I'm determined to at least give it a go. I love to cook and bake, so how hard can some baby foods be??? Right now she's only had sweet potatoes and bananas, and we'll do bananas for 2 more days before we add applesauce to the mix. (I've been doing 6 days of each food before we move on). A little 2-pack of Gerber First Foods lasts 3 days each, so total cost for 6 days of food is $1.00. Not bad so far!

I actually have done the calculations of how much Lilli costs us on a daily basis; releasing my inner nerd CPA-ness on baby #s can be oh so fun! And if I had the time I would TOTALLY do a graph chart of her ounces/wets/dirties every day since birth. We still write all that stuff down in her little journal, and I have it going all the way back to her first days. But alas, there is just not that much time in the day.....but at some point I am CONFIDENT our system at work will go down unexpectedly for DAYS on end, usually at the worst and busiest of times, and THEN I will probably waste time graphing all her stats instead of surfing the web or (more wisely) working on actually finishing up my CPE for the year before December 31st.

There's a blog I read of a baby one week younger than Lilli, and she has also started solids recently. She mentioned making her own food the other day, and as I am competitive in all things life, I've decided it's time for me to get even less sleep and start making some for Lilli-pad, too. I think I may also start with bananas, and according to her it is actually cheaper than buying the Gerber foods so that sounds great too! She also had me at "my blender has a baby food setting", so I am thinking the purchase of an ultra-new-fancy blender may be in my future, yipee!!! Our blender is just a plain old thing we got 10.5 years ago when we got married, so I think it's time for an upgrade. Maybe something Cuisinart in a lovely stainless steel??? I would love to make her food with stuff out of our own garden, but I don't think we're growing anything this year that's really baby food-able: lots of peppers (uhhh-no!), tomatoes, okra, tons of herbs, onions, and garlic. I skipped sweet potatoes this year because they absolutely ran everywhere last year and were such a mess! Same with squash and zuccini.

I went online this morning and requested several books on baby food, super baby foods, and how to make and preserve it. There's no need to spend a ton of money on books when the goal is to a) save money so we can do fabulous things instead like maybe this (so please visit your local Lifeway and buy a copy of Love Dare and Fireproof, ok???) and b)the library is FREE and a nice half mile walk from work.

So hopefully sometime later next week our adventures in cooking will begin! It will be interesting to see if she likes the fresh taste more, or if she even notices. One of our greatest hopes is to instill a desire for healthy foods & a healthy lifestyle in
her. Not so much a "you must be skinny" body image, but that if you eat right and exercise, and don't sit on your duff watching retarded TV all the time, that a healthy body and body image will result. With the occasional visit to Sonic for a Reese's Blast thrown in as a treat, of course!!!!!

Sweet Potatoes, head to toe:

How Sweet Potatoes end up from head to toe:

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