Friday, June 12, 2009

Lilli:1 M&D:0

Lilli's new favorite game: unwrap the baby! Now when we put her down to sleep you can hear her start unvelcro-ing herself over the baby monitor. We don't go back in and reswaddle her unless she starts to fuss (usually a result of a lost paci). This particular night she started to fuss a little and we grabbed the camera when we went back in.

As Brent reswaddled her, she made some hilarious faces - they all pretty much say - HA! Just try to keep me in this little thing, I dare you!
Luckily, most nights she goes right to sleep after playing around in there for 20 or so minutes, and then we get surprised by whatever variation of unwrapping and scooting around she has accomplished in the morning when we go wake her up!

In other news, we've added bananas to her food list. Today she really enjoyed them and ended up eating about half a little container. I had to do a lot less "tricking" her into opening her mouth, which was great! Normally I have to do things to make her smile, and thankfully she's such a smiley baby it isn't too hard.

Time for some cookies! Instead of eating out we stayed in tonight, so it's time for some dessert. The traffic around here is AWFUL tonight (Brent had it really bad) with the stupid country music festival going on. I can't wait for that mess to be gone and life downtown to return to normal!!

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  1. Evelyn loves her swaddle too. Her ped told me they make them in bigger sizes which is great because she has almost outgrown hers. I swaddler her at naptime with one arm out to try to help wean her off of it, another recommendation by the pediatrician.