Sunday, June 21, 2009

Little Mermaid

To help Brent celebrate Father's Day in a relaxing way we headed to the pool after a nice afternoon nap of one glorious hour!

We've been meaning to take Lilli to the pool since it FINALLY opened a few weeks ago, but we've just never found the time and it can be a little difficult to manage an outing like this between naps, bottles and everything else going on. We were all napped and fed this afternoon, so we sunscreened up, blew up her floatie and off to the new and improved Downtown Y we went!

I've been going to the downtown Y at least 4 days a week since I started at Lifeway, it's just next door so it's a great place to burn calories at lunch instead of consuming calories and blowing money! All through my pregnancy I continued working out, and was even there a few hours before going into labor back in January. Lilli's birth coincided exactly with the transition from the old facility to the new and 3x bigger facility, so I never got to see it until I came back to work (Their limited nursery hours just didn't coincide with our eating/sleeping schedule, and I got plenty of working out done with Lilli and the running stroller.) Brent still hadn't seen the new facility so it was great showing him how FABULOUS everything is there now!

The flip side of living in such an urban environ is that we have never actually seen any other kiddos at the rooftop pool over the years. So enter us with our ginourmous float and baby to disrupt the hip scene of rooftop lounging amongst the 20-somethings! Of course there were no more lounge chairs and for some reason they are not stocking towels up there this summer. So, Brent drug us in some chairs from the adjoining sun deck & I trekked back down and then back up 5 flights of stairs to finally get us situated. Whew.

And this time she loved the pool! Way better than a plastic pool in the back yard. She wasn't super crazy about her float, but she really enjoyed being held in the water and kicking her feet. I think she's going to be a natural! And how many kiddos can say their first pool experience involved a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline? There were actually two boys there today, and their dad was excited to see another kid there. And we really didn't disrupt all the sunbathing. We played in the water half an hour or so and then loaded everything back up and used the nice new family dressing room to get Lilli back in dry clothes before heading to Sonic for some ice cream. It felt great on the roof, the billboards said it was 99 degrees but up there a nice breeze was blowing and the water felt perfect.

I think all that swimming really wore her out, though. It's tough being a baby with so much to do!

Sweet dreams!

Brent, Rachel, Pippin & Lilli

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