Sunday, June 7, 2009

Urban Adventures

One of the great benefits of living IN the city is taking advantage of all the great festivals and activities that go on around us - usually without the added pain of having to drive to it! Saturday morning while feeding Lilli I heard the news anchor mention the Catfish Rodeo and Water Festival going on at Shelby Park. I had Brent Google it and found out it was a fishing tournament for kids, with a festival afterwards celebrating water and keeping our public waters clean. And best of all it was FREE! My parents used to always take me to a fishing rodeo each year in Memphis, so I figured it was time to start the tradition with Lilli.

After she ate and we had some coffee and playtime we walked down to the park. Along the walk we ran into some friends of ours out running and biking, they had already been to the park and said it was super crowded. Total understatement!!! The park was full of kiddos out fishing - and catching some serious good looking catfish! I was hoping there would be a booth later with some fried catfish, but no such luck! We watched the fishing for a while then headed over to the Water Festival. They had several booths with some freebies, face painting, etc. Later in the day there would be puppet shows and another show from the Nashville Zoo, and they were also leading several hikes. We walked around for a while and enjoyed some free snacks and such and then on the way out we were also spotted by an old college buddy of ours. I never realize how many people we know until we go ANYWHERE - we ALWAYS run into someone we know - so it's key to always look good! =) On our way back we stopped by the snow cone booth and got one to share on the hot walk back. We probably walked about 4 miles total, so I think we earned it! So only 5 more years until Lilli can participate, hopefully she absorbed some tips from watching the other kids this year.

After we got back home:

The fish was HOW big???
How about you share some snow cone with me???A fun morning awake out in the hot sun leads to a lovely afternoon nap. Our new fave is to sleep with ALL our lovies. It's like a sweet form of crack - once you put them on her she passes right out.Have a great week!

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