Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good Eats

Happy Thursday! This week has flown by! It seems like most every moment in the evening is spent feeding Lilli! With the new addition of her first foods it's been tough this week balancing bottles with solids with her still lingering sinus issues. Some days she has a bottle right before I pick her up, and on some days she hasn't but is hungry for one right after we get home. So it can be a little tough to know what the evening's schedule is going to be until I pick her up and hear about her day. And we are all about SCHEDULING!

We introduced some sweet potatoes yesterday and today. We may have tried to get TOO many sweet potatoes in her yesterday - considering she threw them up EVERYWHERE! And then later that night during her bedtime bottle she threw up again, after coughing while I was burping her. That's really the first upchuck she's had in about 2 months. Today we just gave her a few spoons of it and then when she started getting fussy we stopped. She ate well at both her 4:45 bottle and 8:30 bedtime bottle, so today was two thumbs up!

She is still really congested. I feel so bad for her! She snores all night long, and most nights over the past week she's woken up coughing and started fussing around 1-2 am. We just go back and give her her paci and she's fine and goes right back to sleep. We're still elevating her mattress, and Brent bought her a new humidifier this afternoon. We've been using a vaporizer I had in college, but decided to go ahead and get a new humidifier instead. Tonight we aspirated her several times and when I called her pediatrician today she also suggested saline drops. There's really nothing they can do for her since she's so young, hopefully we can help her get lots of rest this weekend and finally kick it. She sounds like a little piggy snorting when she takes her bottles since she can't totally breathe and drink at the same time. As a result she hasn't been drinking as much, and instead of 25-26 ounces a day she's been around 19 - 22 ounces.

When I went to pick her up today one of her teachers told me she had had a hard time eating, and also about how congested she had been and just not her usual giggly self. It was nice how concerned they were, and to hear she'd been watched over a bit more since she was feeling droopy. They take very good care of Lilli and we're very thankful for them!

Here she is one morning when Brent dropped her off. All smiles, chilling in a swing, talking to Ms Violet and Cleo, telling them all about what she had done the night before. She looks like such a little grown up school girl!I took a pic of her yesterday when I picked her up that's still on my camera. She and Cleo were hanging out on one of the playmats, Cleo had her feet on Lilli's head and was rolling on top of her. It was hilarious! Apparently Maevy (the little girl with all the hair) is her bestie - today they were holding hands during some playtime. She also spends a lot of time with Cleo, who is exactly a week older than her. It's also funny how many of the same outfits they have - most every day one of the other girls (there's Cleo, Jada, and Maevy) have on something that Lilli also has. One day one of the boys (there's Aaron and Madden now, Gavin's last day was yesterday) was wearing a little skunk outfit that Lilli also has! I bet if all of us parents planned it we can have them all dressed in the same outfit one day!

And here's one from home - we are waaaay into the lovies right now. To take a nap she likes to have a lot of lovies, and will usually put them over her face and fall right to sleep. It's hilarious. Even at school she usually has a blanket with her at whatever station she's at - whether she's in a bouncy, a swing, or just playing in the floor. I guess they quickly picked up on how much she likes to have something soft to hold onto!

I've got lots of pics and video on my new camera to download. I think I have some great ones of Lilli and Pippin. She is so into him right now! Have a great weekend!

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