Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleepy Girl

A week or two ago I mentioned we were starting to wean Lilli off the Swaddle Me (at her blatant requests). We've been wrapping her with one arm loose, and that seems to be working well (except for the whole she's probably teething thing so she wakes up between 1-4 times a night now wanting her paci. Blah.) BUT, as far as the wrapping goes she's doing well with the one arm and over the past two weeks has provided some fun morning photo ops!

One morning she greeted us with the model pose:

She's outgrown the wedge now. It was at its outermost setting, and the way she scoots and moves she'd get stuck like this with her free arm stuck about and start fussing.

Here's the "I'd like my coordinating foot free, please" pose, and I guess she ready for breakfast so she was having a little snack on the swaddle wrap.

And here is one morning she was **actually** still asleep when we went in to get her! Very rare!!! Brent calls this her "left turn signal" pose. I guess she's been watching all the cyclists in our neighborhood!
It's always interesting to see where she is each morning! She's usually completely sideways, with some various combo of her wrap undone. Yesterday she had completely turned, with her head where her feet normally are. Today she was sideways, waving her paci in her hand. She's really taking to pulling it out, waving it around, and then tossing it somewhere (when it's not chained to her.) I enjoyed this recent post on this little boy's funniest sleeping positions. I don't know them personally - they are friends of a friend of a friend, but they have a baby several months older than Lilli and also 2 Boston Terriers so it's fun to look at some of their pics.

Speaking of, Lilli's infatuation with Pippin continues to grow. While we were cooking dinner a few nights ago she was in the floor in her Bumbo and he was at the other end of the kitchen in one of his beds. She started squawking and waving her hands around trying to get his attention! We moved her chair down next to him and she was as happy as a clam! She spent the rest of our cooking time trying to pull his bed closer and get his attention. She still laughs hilariously when we play catch with him, and any little scratch or huff he makes makes her giggle. And he eats it up. Tonight when I was cooking he went walking past her and when she stuck her arm out at him he went right over to lick it, tail wagging like crazy. As soon as we get home in the afternoon we have Pippin time. We sit in the floor and let them enjoy each othe before wiping all the lick off her. Usually Brent misses it, but on this particular day he was already home so he took some pics.

She loves trying to grab his tongue and also touching his face. Anytime she pokes him in the eye or grabs an ear too hard he just walks away.

She also likes to open her mouth when he's licking which makes it so much easier for his tongue to get straight in her mouth. He's so fast he can usually get one or two licks in on her face before I can shove him away. On this particular day she's wearing her 50 cent used My First Easter PJs. I had taken them to school as her extra clothes. Since she very rarely every spits up I didn't want to send anything nice, and on this day she had a pee explosion. That's the only time she's come home in her extra clothes which is not bad for 7 or 8 weeks now!
Here's to a short work week this week!!!

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