Monday, June 8, 2009

Little Houdini Hambone

Lilli is great about entertaining herself - both putting herself to sleep at night (we put her down fully awake) and then hanging out for about 30 minutes on weekend mornings (and some weekdays) before she'll get fussy for someone to come and get her for breakfast. I am VERY glad she'll babble and coo for such a long period of time since she wakes up at o'clock crack of early on the weekends. When the sun is up - so is Lilli, and the sun comes up pretty freaking early these days! So, Saturday morning she started babbling around 6:45ish or so, and a little after 7 she started to get more fussy with her conversation. She also sounded REALLY loud, and we were pretty sure we heard some velcro ripping. Confession time - we still swaddle her up in true Happiest Baby format every night. She sleeps GREAT so why fix something that's not broken??? And she has come to learn that swaddling means bedtime, and that's HUGE for 2 people who like to sleep aka - US! I FIRMLY believe that swaddling is key to having a happy baby who sleeps well, and when we finally got it through our heads that the doc on the HB series knew what he was talking about we saw major results! So yeah, she is really busting out of the Swaddle Me these days and on Sat/Sun mornings she entertains herself by de-robing.

Due to her allergy issues we have her mattress quite slanted these days, so add Little Miss Wiggly Squirmy + Miss Little Velcro Houdini + a slanted mattress + an interesting pillow in my bed she never noticed before and you have the following video! I love how proud she is of her accomplishments!

The pillow is actually a big ice cream sandwich that says "Sweet Jesus" - it's an absolutely awful, hilarious sample I got from work that for some reason we've put in her bed. I guess she wanted to see it up close! This morning she had scooted down, de-robed and was kicking it. Tonight she de-robed right after we put her down and had scooted down her bed, and was very proud and of herself and that it was hilarious. So....I'd say Swaddle Me - your days are numbered. .

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