Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We'll wait on the Hollywood shades....

We had a busy night tonight of eating (brats for us, bottles and bananas for Lilli), playing, watering the flowers, going for a walk while Brent worked on the dining room reno and baking some pumpkin bread for a big presentation I have at work tomorrow. We're presenting our Harvest line tomorrow, so I made the pumpkin bread we'll be selling in our cute little promo bread baker dish. Lilli helped, it's easy enough I was able to hold her on my hip and make it. She was fascinated watching my Kitchenaid mixer swirl around, and then wanted to put her hand down in it. Her coordination and ability to grab anything dangling in front of her & put it in her mouth is getting quite good!She's also super focused on her toys these days, and loves her Exersaucer. One of her comments on her report today was that she enjoyed the Exersaucer and has VERY strong legs! (She gets that from me!=) My legs are getting stronger too....I've been averaging 8:41 min/miles on my daily 4 miler, including warmup/cool down, which is getting closer to my pre-Lilli 8:30s and less!)But I don't think she's totally ready for the pool yet. OR, perhaps we should not put sunglasses on her when she's sleepy, and then try to put her in Pippin's wading pool after filling it with cold garden hose water. I'd say we learned our lesson on that one. Next time we'll put the pool in the sun and let it warm up a few hours! But I am probably going to sign her up for swim classes in August. How cute would that be???? Her class is called the Guppies and meets M-Th for 2 weeks to get them acquainted to the water. I think it would be hilarious! Have a great night, time for me to get some sleep before tomorrow's Big Day! (Every morning Brent asks me if I'm going to have a Big Day......and every morning I tell him 'I hope not'....so that's a bit of an inside joke.)

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