Friday, December 31, 2010

New Potty Eve

It's been a really nice end of 2010 here today - the temps have been in the 60's, although a bit windy. We made the most of that and spent most every waking minute outside until the sun had set.

Lots of playing ball in the front yard......(we really should get her something to aim at!)Drawing on the sidewalk and driving her car around...
But a HUGE part of today has been spent partying. That's what you're supposed to do on NYE, right? Well, Lilli wanted to have a potty party. I think she ended up going on her little potty about 5 times today (4 of them tonight after supper). Our biggest struggle has been her telling me RIGHT after she goes (and I mean RIGHT after - like the diaper is still warm), so our biggest hurdle is the notice.
But she LOVES this little potty we got her earlier this week - when you go it sings a song, and it also has a "flush" lever (she loves to flush our toilet) and it has a thing where you can put toilet paper on the side (but we don't have it on there now because she just wanted to make huge messes with it). It's the toilet singing that gets her. She LOVES to hear it sing when she goes, and that has been a huge motivator (along with the sour gummi worm and sticker treat she gets).
So after dinner tonight she just wanted to sit and sit and sit on it, even though we kept telling her she could play and just run over when she needs it - she finally convinced herself to play and she ran over several times to use it! Yay!!! And then she wanted to show several of her dolls how to use it too! HA!
She kind of started taking after her brother Pippin - every time we take him for a walk he'll go just a little every few minutes, to the point where we tell him he can't possibly have anything left. That's sort of where she was - just trying to go so bad for the little party and to hear the potty sing, HA! At this rate it would take us about 5 hours to just go to the grocery store, so along with timing we've got to work on not having to go every 30 seconds. But I think this is a great start!!! I really don't have any expectations of having her trained for several more months, but if she can piece it all together sooner we are all for it.

I know, it's wild and crazy times around here this New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year!

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