Sunday, December 5, 2010


We have had one seriously busy weekend. Between the Nashville Christmas Parade, Neighborhood Christmas festival (concert and Santa visit), picking out our tree for this year and decorating it and our class Christmas party tonight I don't think we've sat still for a second. Poor Lilli hasn't gotten into bed before 9 pm a single night this weekend so I'm betting when the alarm goes off tomorrow she will have a giant case of the Mondays. (Me too.)

This morning between early service and class we noticed the snow was really coming down! It's SO cold today, but it's been so nice it didn't stick for more than a minute or two. Once we got home afterwards it really starting coming down in all these little balls (I guess a snow/sleet combo) so we ran Lilli out to get some quick pictures since it was so heavy. She loved it!!!

This sweet little dress is Le Top brand and I paid $4 for it a consignment sale. I just love it!! It's a bright corduroy fabric. It's so cute and different, especially since most winter dresses are so dark and are mostly just little jumpers. This one would run between $30-$40 at full price.
The snow really came down for a few minutes, but it was 36 or so degrees so it only stuck for about as long as it took to fall.
And once we came inside I wanted Brent to take some of Lilli and Pippin in front of the tree. And what I ended up with were two uncooperative children, who when we finally got them posed together gave us this gem:
And yes, that is a giant Raisin stuck in her teeth.

Lots more pictures to come, including the last batch of Thanksgiving.

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