Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!
Here's a flashback to 1-01-99, 12 years ago today:Ha Ha!!! We look so young then! I think we looked way too young to be getting married and that we have aged quite well! My hair is at least much better now than it used to be, ugh at those bangs! Never again! We did get a big laugh looking through our old wedding album today.

We had a nice little New Year's Eve at home. Once Lilli went to bed we did a few things around the house and then watched Date Night (the movie) with some snacks and flipped over to watch the countdown in NYC before we ran upstairs to watch the downtown fireworks at midnight. So much nicer to just watch them from our guest room than to be out in the rain last night in person. The fireworks woke Lilli up a little, but only for a minute. It's really not worth paying a lot for a babysitter for NYE and partying out all night when you know a certain someone will be up around 8 am whether or not you have gotten a full night's sleep or not!

We did celebrate some today with our 2011 hats and some sparkling Welch's grape juice. She LOVED it, it was hilarious watching her drink straight juice. We still water her juice down about 50/50, so anytime she gets the real deal it's just a little stout for her!

Quit taking my picture and just let me enjoy it!
The little hat pack had 4 hats and I can't believe we didn't get a picture of Pippin wearing his. There's always tomorrow!
For our anniversary Brent got me some pajamas and a set of opal earring and necklace - I've got the earrings on here tonight when we went out for dinner. I didn't wear the necklace because the chain is delicate and I know a certain little buddy of mine who would probably break it pretty easily. I got Brent and old antique camera - a Kodak something or another from around 1960. He has a few old cameras and I thought he might enjoy it for his collection.
We didn't do anything snazzy tonight, we just all went out for burritos at our fave restaurant and then some shopping at Target.

Happy New Year!

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