Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

We have had a full, fun Christmas Day! And a White Christmas to boot - probably between 1-2 inches on our deck. According to the news this is the first White Christmas in Nashville in 17 years! It's really made it very pretty outside.

We kept the gift pretty low key this year. Brent's office has cut out bonuses, I didn't get a raise this year and my whole Christmas bonus went towards the broken water heater. And, we don't really need more junk in our house as we try to declutter!! So we kept Santa gifts to somewhat of a minimum. I think kids get WAY too much stuff these days anyway.Pippin got a new bed from Santa, Lilli got a little train table with an battery powered train that we had found on a deal site in early November for $30, a little "real" computer we found for $8 at JCPenney, a few Hot Wheels and little cars, a digital camera (a small one without a zoom that Brent found on a mega sale), and a Thomas the Train track and train Walmart had on special the day after Thanksgiving.

We turned all her train stuff on and then sent her in after she woke up this morning. I know she didn't understand why there were toys in there but she was super excited about the new train table.

Pippin got right in his new bed, and tonight he fluffed it and took one of his naps in it.
She played with her train table for about 4 straight hours this morning, running all her different cars around the track. I don't think she's EVER played with something that long!! It came with a little lid so you can use it as an activity table or even a "kids" table if you need to.
She would just squeal when the train came around.
She really liked all her gifts and has played with them all day today. I'll have to share some of her digital camera pics later - she took about 160 pictures today and they are hilarious. She LOVED having her own camera and she saw my camera on the couch tonight and brought it over to me so I'd have my own camera, too. I think this will help eliminate a LOT of temper tantrums over her wanting my camera! I may take her Thomas track back, the track is just awful and it won't stay together, but she LOVED the Thomas train and played with it a lot on the train table, so I may need to check and see how much just a little Thomas train is since I got the whole thing on a really big special on Black Friday.

More Christmas weekend pictures to come later, but for now I think I will put this little present to more use!

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