Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving - The Finale

Here's the rest of the Thanksgiving pictures, I don't think Brent copied them over to your computer while we were there, so let me know if you want any of the files.

We drove through a ton of rain between Brent's family and my parents house. Luckily Lilli slept the whole way. Lilli is obsessed with pushing her sleeves up this winter, and over dinner we discovered that all 3 of us women were sleeve pusher-uppers. It's just easier to eat that way! Three generations of sleeve-pushers:After dinner Lilli played us some tunes on the old piano. She has a little keyboard she loves to play.
With Bruce not showing up for the holiday Lilli got all the grandparent time to herself. First thing in the morning on Friday Lilli had to check the sales online with Granddad.
She had a lot of fun playing with my old Cabbage Patch dolls. She took a particular liking to the one with a pacifier! We eventually had to hide it.... We've taken away her pacifier except for bed/nap time (and occasional other public fits.)
While Lilli took her afternoon nap, Brent and Dad went out for a bicycle ride. I heard tales of flat tires and dog chases, I think it was quite the ride.
Even though it was pretty cold Lilli was itching to get outside and play, so we bundled her up and Brent took her out for a few minutes. He was playing around with his camera and the remote flash and of course she wanted to mess with it!
I think this one turned out pretty neat....
More Grandma/Granddaughter Sleeve Pushing....
Somehow Pippin wanted to get in on this one!!!
Now that Thanksgiving was past it was time to turn on the lights...
Whoa! I think my parents might have gone a little overboard this year!! (Just kidding....some sort of long camera exposure here....)
Friday night we dug out one of the old little Pacman games you plug into the TV. Brent ended up with the standing high score although I had one decent game!
On Saturday morning we tried to get a family shot, but it really didn't turn out too great! Lilli was a little grouchy about having to sit and have her picture made.
Running around the yard was much more up her alley!

Chasing Pippin through the fields....

I think this one turned out really cute....

And after lunch we headed back to Nashville! It already seems like Thanksgiving was weeks ago, instead of just a little over a week!

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