Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Stuff

It's been such a yucky and indoors kind of week due to the weather. It's been so cold, snowy, then the little bit of icy rain that turned to just plain rain on Wednesday night. We've mostly just been hanging around the house on weeknights. I'm so ahead on my shopping this year that I don't feel stressed to get out and shop, but we do need to get our Christmas card done!

We have done a lot of art projects this week. Two nights we painted and tonight we drew with markers (we needed to make a card for a teacher tonight). She just loves to paint and will paint for about 45 minutes, a toddler eternity. All she'll draw right now are elephants, that's what this page is filled with. She's extremely meticulous and focused on her drawings and a lot of them look really good! I just give her a nice brush and let her go to town doing whatever she wants.Here's how much snow we still had Wednesday morning, still quite a bit considering how much had melted and the snow had arrived Sunday night!
Every afternoon she was coming home and immediately asking to go out and play in the snow. By Wed afternoon there was hardly anything left, but she wanted to go so bad. We grabbed her little shovel and headed out but she was pretty upset about how little was left (the rain had started by this point and was washing it away.)
After a couple of minutes she was just downright upset. There wasn't enough to play with and we wouldn't let her eat this dirty 3 day-old snow. It's kind of impossible to explain to an almost 2 year old that snow melts!
While we were doing the dishes a few minutes ago Brent asked me what party I had tomorrow! Tomorrow will be the FOURTH holiday lunch I've had this week. Monday was our Ladies Bible Study lunch (at work), Tuesday was free, Wednesday was my little department's breakfast at Pancake Pantry and today was our overall department potluck luncheon and then tomorrow is our Secret Sister lunch (at work). I am SO tired of food!
Lilli helped me make my stuffed Snickers cookies last night (my absolute favorite cookie). Between trying to take a bite out of every Snicker and then piling them all together on the baking sheet she wasn't the best help but they still turned out great and none of them made it back home. This picture also cracks me up because you can see Pippin standing under the baking sheet at the bottom of the pic hoping for the worst to happen - he's had to wear his sweater all week because it's been so cold (so he's the blue and red stripes above!)

So glad tomorrow is Friday!

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