Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Weekend

The weekend can best be summed by me, washing my hair in the sink on Sunday night, in freezing cold water.Why do things like that not break in the summer when a cold shower or the pool would be a treat? Saturday morning we were heading back in from a kiddie concert at the library and hear our cellar alarm going off signaling a water leak under the house. Sure enough, our 20 year old water heater had gone kaput and was leaking water. Brent ran to Lowes, got the needed supplies to install a new valve to shut off the water to it but allow the rest of the house to have (cold) water, and bought a new water heater. But, it wouldn't be installed until Monday (unless we wanted to pay $95 on top of the expensive of having to have the most expensive type of heater and the already exorbitant fees to install it). So it's been a cold water kind of weekend and there went most of my Christmas bonus! But at least we have heat and water, and can afford the repair without much angst.

We did get a couple of inches of snow today, so here we go with daycare closing and all that joy. Makes me miss the days of actually get snow days ourselves. Now every snowfall only comes with extra stress of making sure we make it to work and figuring out where and who Lilli will be staying with.

But she did love playing out in it and did not want to come in at all!
She had so much fun throwing snowballs.

Poor thing had to be so cold (we were freezing!!) but she did not want to come back inside. She threw snowball after snowball, chased us around and just dug around in it as long as she could bear to. She's still wearing her snowsuit from last year but if she grows an inch this winter we'll be out of luck!
Man, I can't wait for a warm shower tomorrow night!

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