Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

We went and picked out our Christmas tree about a week and a half ago, the same day we went to visit Santa. We've started buying our tree at the neighborhood nursery, ArtHouse Gardens. The owner does so much for our neighborhood that we want to support their business and keep him in business. We could probably spend half as much at Home Depot (esp since we need such a tall tree with our tall ceilings!) but it wouldn't be nearly as personal. And one year our Home Depot tree literally started smoldering on Christmas Eve - their trees are cut super early and not cared for.Here we are with our Tree 0 about a 9 foot tree from North Carolina, organically raised. They suggested we use it in our fire pit after Christmas because it hasn't been treated by any chemicals and is safe for burning.
Here she is in the living room being set up, they're really fresh so the limbs hadn't quite fallen yet.
We did most of the decorating after Lilli went to bed. She's really not that interested in it, she'll sort of play with some of the ornaments but I also put a little 3 foot tree in her room she can touch anytime, so I think that generally helps her leave the big one alone. Pippin greatly enjoys snoozing with the tree in the background.

One of my favorite ornaments is my vintage 1977 Hallmark ornament (my birth year) I got at a flea market from some women who used to come each month with vintage ornaments.
Last year we let her pick out her very first Hallmark ornament. We had some things to get at the mall last weekend so once we tore her away from the tacky lawn art we made a stop into Hallmark to continue the tradition.
My goal is for her to just pick one, but much like last year that's an impossible dream. She likes to play with ALL of them.

This is the one she played with the most and was first drawn to, Santa on a Train. And that does sum up this year pretty well - she LOVES Santa and loves trains!
After we grabbed some dinner at Wendy's we also went to Toys R Us to finish some shopping (what a chaotic, miserable place to be this time of year!!!) Brent played with Lilli while I shopped and she spent about 98% of their time getting in and out of each and every little electric car they had. I think she is going to be VERY happy with her gift from Grandma and Grandpa!

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