Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nashville Christmas Parade!

Last Friday night we went to the Nashville Tree Lighting and Christmas Parade. We didn't get to go last year because Lilli was a little sick and it was pretty cold. This year it was cold, but probably one of the warmest parades we've had and a LOT warmer than this year! The parade started at 7 with the tree lighting a few minutes before. We were able to park in the lot under the square and walk right up a few minutes before the tree lighting. There were carolers and Mayor Dean said a few things before the tree was lit.I pass this tree every day on the way to and from work. So pretty!
After the tree is lit fireworks kick off the parade. Lilli is NOT a fan of fireworks - she really doesn't like loud noises.
The parade was pretty lengthy, about an hour a half this year. It was full of floats, bands, all the local mascots for football, hockey and baseball as well as all the radio stations and branches of the police.
And the Shriners were out in FULL force. It wouldn't be a Nashville parade if about half of it weren't various Shriners.
There's always quite a few balloon floats.
Those were some of Lilli's favorites - she'd always turn and wave at them. She loved waving at each float that went by and got lots of waves in return. The Cat in the Hat was also part of the parade, along with Dumbo and I think those were her two favorite parts of the parade.
It was hard to catch her waving but you can kind of see it here. We just took my camera and it doesn't catch things as well at night as Brent's camera does.

Of course Santa was the big finale! She was really excited to see him in real life.
Surprisingly we got out of the parking garage really fast and were home a little before 9. Poor Lilli was so sleepy she couldn't even keep her eyes open on the way home but she was trying so hard to stay awake! And we all slept in until a little after 8 the next morning so I really wish there was a parade every Friday night!

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