Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Date Night!

This past weekend we asked Stephanie to come over and watch Lilli so we could have our monthly date night. She's so sweet and she brought Lilli a Christmas present. It was great to give her a little practicing unwrapping, too!!!It's her very first Disney princess doll! Somehow she knew it was a princess and said "Princess!" super excited when she saw it. (She also screamed for about 5 mins when Stephanie started pulling up outside, then Pippin got all excited and knocked Lilli down. The two of them certainly know how to make someone feel welcome!)

She's been carrying her doll around all the time this week! (And calls her Belle.) Sometimes she has to sit at the table with us, sometimes Belle just chills in the stroller. But she is well loved already.

For our date night we met Adam and Julia for some burritos and uninterrupted conversation. It was SO nice having a normal size purse and just our own trays to carry to the table and all the simple things you forget about! I guess we ran our mouths so much we forgot to take any pictures, so the only one I have is their taillights as we were leaving, HA! I know they'll love that one...
After we ate Brent and I went to Target to do some shopping. We've done all our shopping with Lilli (which really hasn't been bad at all) but it was nice to be able to look at things together at a more casual pace. We really didn't buy much else, but it was nice to confirm we're happy with what we have. Of course we did remember to take some fun pics there!
Does this one remind you of anything?
As always, it was SO nice to have a date night and especially with friends.

Now to wrap the little one's gifts! Brent helped me wrap our family presents tonight while we put Rudolph on for Lilli - which really didn't interest her at all and she managed to write on at least one present with marker, as well as herself and the rug and squeezed about half a bottle of Vixen Mint Antibacterial Lotion on her feet. Maybe next year's Dec date night will just be us taking a few rolls of paper somewhere quiet and wrapping away!

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