Monday, December 13, 2010


Now this is how I would've liked to spend the day - nice and cozy and warm! I can always count on those two to keep my lap warm and completely occupied. But it was Monday and a work day so off I went. I think we probably ended up getting between 2-3 inches here at our house. Our roads were still really covered at 6:30 so I went back to bed and ended up going to work around 8 once the roads were warmer, the sun was out and more people had traveled in. Most people did the same and they ended up closing our corp offices at 3 so everyone could be home before dark. Our daycare ended up opening around 10:45, which is around the time they finished installing the new hot water heater, so that worked out well for Brent, too.

He did spend most of the weekend and some of today on the upstairs renovation. Most of the room is painted now and we took a truck load of junk from up there to Goodwill on Saturday. Most of yesterday afternoon was spent removing the mold that's been up on the ceiling since we moved in 4.5 years ago - Before:
Nasty, Nasty, Nasty. Prob due to the really old roof we had inherited.

And this is one Brent took later after he had been Clorox-ing for a while. It ended up looking brand-new and a fresh coat of paint will make it sparkle!:
I forgot to post one of the garb we put Pippin in yesterday. Cold, snowy indoor days just make us torture the poor guy. But I do think he likes wearing his sweater!! He just hates the snow. I don't think he has moved out of his warm little bed tonight at all.
This afternoon when I picked Lilli up most of the snow had melted. We got her little shovel out and we scooped around in the snow more and she played until we once again had to drag her inside because it was SO cold!

She just loves throwing the snow!
And then she started eating it!! Her little cheeks are so chapped from the wind and cold.
I really hope she didn't eat any of Pippin's yellow snow. HA!
Luckily tomorrow daycare will be opening at regular time and hopefully from here on out all snow will be confined to weekends!

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