Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving & Batman

Today was a busy day, I spent the day traveling through Alabama (Florence, Decatur, Huntsville) with several of my coworkers. We take several of these day trips this time of the year during the holiday season visiting our stores and checking everything out. They are loooong days. Today's trip was a lot better than last month when we visited East TN in the pouring rain all day.

I started sorting through some of the Thanksgiving pics tonight. The day we left (Wed) a puppet showed up on our fence. For several days there had been a donut there, so this was a nice upgrade. Lilli is obsessed with cheetahs so of course she called this a cheetah and was pretty excited. It's still there, our guess is someone at the school dropped it, but I would've thought its owner would reclaim it by now.Traffic was awful, as always on that busy travel day!! We saw several wrecks in the awful weather.
For some reason Lilli started "attacking" people with this bear after dinner Wed night. She's really into scaring people right now and playing hide/seek, and she had the best time scaring her Great Granny with the bear.

Those are all the cute pics from the night before Thanksgiving.

While we were there in Hohenwald we went to Walmart and I got these Batman pajamas. I just thought they were hilarious!!! She wore them for the first time last night and they just cracked us up.
She was super interested in them and wanted to know what the emblem was across the chest, and started saying she was Batman. Now I wish I had also gotten the Superman ones!!!
Top priority every morning is finding Pippin and worrying the stew out of him and getting him out of his bed. It's ok, he deserves it. Ever since Thanksgiving he has turned nocturnal and has been getting me up several times per night. Tonight we do sleep training with him, so our door will be shut and he'd better not poop somewhere in the house. Somehow he has reverted to a newborn and wants to go out in the middle of the night (sometimes several times) and that's about to END!

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