Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cookie Day 2010!

Last year we started our tradition of baking sugar cookies for Christmas, and Lilli was MORE than excited to continue it this year.We've made sugar cookies an unknown number of times together (pretty much every holiday or birthday) so she really is an old pro on what to do. We wore our matching Mommy and Me Lifeway aprons again this year and it really fit her so much better!

She loves making the stocking cut outs because she thinks they're boots and she is completely obsessed with wearing boots right now.

You know she's concentrating really hard when she has her tongue out!
I love this one of her sweet little hands!
Major concentration. She was COVERED in flour.

Pippin was available for clean-up.
And next year we will probably put a towel down in the nice antique chair she cooks from!
Sprinkles are by FAR her favorite part and she POURS them on!
I think this will be the one we frame for the kitchen. We framed a sweet one last year of her doing the sprinkles and we want to add one each year.
This is my "hurry up and take the pic because entire bottles of sprinkles are ending up on my cookies" look.
Lots of red sprinkles this year....

And of course sneaking a few!
Our cookies turned out great and we gave pretty much all of them out to her Sunday School teachers, some friends and her classmates/teachers from daycare so we'll be making another batch this week for SANTA!

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