Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lilli Loves.....

Burritos.Even though she eats them incredibly slow and Brent has to take a bite out of it each time she looks away because seriously, we have to be home by 8 so she gets a good night's rest and this child takes FOREVER in restaurants. It's hard to be focused on eating when you're telling people nearby that they're wearing a hat or trying to talk to other children across the restaurant.
She also loves shopping the dollar bins at Target, which are pretty much the best thing ever.
And she loves picking out Pippin's Christmas gift from her. After carefully checking out the pet value bins at length, she selected some pizza flavored and shaped treats ("Pita Pie!") and a rubber chicken for him.
I also got Pippin a few things, so at least there is now one person I can completely mark off my list!

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