Monday, May 7, 2012

Florida Adventures - Part 4

Just a few more posts on our trip to Florida from last week....

Sunday night when we headed out the front door to dinner we had a visitor waiting on us. Um, no. Trust me he was MUCH more frightening in person!!! And his head was all raised up in what I interpreted in a very unfriendly way. Brent ran down and scared him off, but the rest of our time there Lilli and I certainly looked twice on the way out the door!We ate at a pizza/pasta place that was just ok. I left pretty underwhelmed in food on the whole trip. I would've been just as happy cooking our own light fair in the house. Lilli - also clearly unimpressed with my shrimp scampi.
On Monday morning the beach was virtually abandoned! Only six groups of people as far as we could see to the left and right! It was SO nice!!!!
Just as we got all our stuff set up the older woman at the chairs next to us and came over and pointed out the schools of dolphins swimming out in the water! We just had our Iphones so the zoom isn't great, but it was so amazing! There were also two kayakers out there and they were so close to them - just swimming around and playing in the water. They were out there for quite a while.
Hard to see in the shrunken down blog version, but they weren't far out at all.
The water in this area is SO clear and pretty. The last few times we've been to the beach they really haven't been pretty beaches (Galveston,TX in 2010 and Ocean City, MD in 2011 were Lilli's other beach trips). Both of those were flying vacations where we were visiting other things in the areas, so we didn't go for the beach itself, but Seagrove totally put them to shame!
That Monday was like Discovery Channel 101. I saw this crab run out of his hole out of the corner of my eye so Brent got one of our shovels and dug him up so we could further investigate. Several times I saw crabs run out of their holes and into other ones that day!
Lilli also decided feeding birds goldfish crackers could be a great way to pass the time, too. She's firmly convinced that bird flying behind her is a penguin. I tried to tell her it wasn't a penguin, but she's hardheaded and has told the world she fed the penguins at the beach.
That night we went to dinner at a little burger/fish place near our house called Flip Flops Grill. It was really cute with outside dining but the staff was SO rude and unpleasant and again the food was just mediocre. We really never hit a home run on food while we were there.
When we got back this little green frog was on one of the front chairs! We seriously had so many different nature interactions!
Just a few more Florida pictures and then it's back to reality.

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  1. All of your Florida pictures are making me jealous! Glad you had a good time:)!