Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Florida Adventures - Part 5

For most of the trip we just used our Iphones to take pictures, but on Sunday night and Monday night we walked down to the beach for some "nicer" pics with Brent's professional camera. Sunday night we got there just a hair late for sunset, so we didn't end up with a lot.

I thought this silhouette one of me was different...Lil and I running down the beach...she was impossible to capture - way too busy to stop for any kind of picture taking.
Monday night we got there right before sunset and Brent got some beautiful shots of the sun setting on the horizon. Just a sampling here....
We wanted some of her playing in the surf but she wouldn't get near the water because she didn't want to get her dress wet. Oh brother!
Gorgeous sunset...

Found a sandcastle hole....will jump in, on and through it...

Showing us her freckle face - so stinking cute!
I have to admit - jumping off stuff is a lot of fun!
We found this little guy walking around the beach before we left. This trip really was a giant science lesson!
And that should pretty much wrap up our Florida trip! There may be a couple of pictures from the ride back worth sharing, but no more ocean pictures to make you wish you were on vacation. We had a great trip and the end of April may be our new time to head down for some great relaxation.

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