Monday, May 14, 2012


This is really just an Iphone dump of last week....

Things that scare me when I come across them:If we do move (which there isn't anything on the market we like right now) then living next door to our own private playground will be a top thing we miss!!! Since few people know the "secret code" to getting in back behind the elementary school it's so nice and private.
And so easy for one of us to walk over with her before dinner while the other is cooking.
Just a cute outfit (babyGap) I had to share. I love all things babyGap! It's beyond crazy how many dog themed clothes she has but she loves them all.
She chose Rapunzel to take for Show n Tell day last week.
Just us being cute one night on the porch swing.
That gets us all the way up to last Thursday when our house hunting adventures began!

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