Monday, May 21, 2012

Around the House

Hello internets! All is well here, we've just been busy and haven't had a chance to even download pictures at all lately. And a post without pictures is pretty much pointless.

We've done some house shopping and looked at five houses so far. Nothing has really jumped out at us yet. We're going to look at some more tomorrow night, too. The first two times we took Lilli with us, tomorrow night we have a sitter!

Her peas are growing like crazy.Our potatoes are too!
I can not wait for the day she can actually mow the yard for us! When it happens we will probably celebrate by buying her something like this!
And lastly, when I asked Brent to buy me some large tabs to pack some junk away, he most certainly came through. They're so big you could just pack us and leave the junk.

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