Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gardening with Lilli

A few pics from the last week....

We've let Lilli start playing Wii. We've got a Diego game she absolutely loves. It's for the younger preschool age and it's movements are fairly simple and she can do most of it by herself. It's great for coordination building and also has some questions and things she has to answer correctly to move on.Gum - still the best reward she can get.
She loves to help me water the garden. And by watering the garden I mean pretty much drenching me. Repeatedly. And laughing hysterically about it. The garden actually gets little to no water, except what drips off of me.
Lilli has peas - lots and lots of peas are growing on her vines!!
Seriously. I get drenched. And she's basically watering the sidewalk.
We did some swimming over at Zach and Audrey's pool a week ago. We did some swimming at the Y a few times this past Memorial Day weekend!
I'll have a bonus video later - it's been ages since I've put a video on here but we've got one Brent keeps watching over and over and over so I guess it's worth this horribly slow YouTube download going on!!

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