Saturday, May 5, 2012

Florida Adventures - Part 2

Friday night we went to Seaside for dinner. Lilli had skipped nap that day and fell asleep in the car. She was way too worn out from playing hard in the pool and at the beach, so from that point on we made sure she got a nap every day.We ended up eating the Taco Bar in Seaside. There's tons of cute restaurants and permanent food trucks to choose from. I had a great shrimp burrito and Brent got some fun tacos - even though it was overpriced vacation food it was really fresh and my best meal of the trip. Lil was dying to "stick her head" in this thing - she really didn't realize it was for picture purposes. She put her head in all of them and then this group of women offered to take our picture.
We basically have no pictures of the three of us, and this is the only one we have from this trip. Awesome. And blurry. And Lilli didn't like this group of cackling women trying to get her to smile. I'm sure this will be a framer (not).
The sun was setting so we walked out on the beach there and watched the final drop of the sun. So pretty with the backdrop of the fabulous beachfront mansions of Seaside.
Brent got quite the laugh at me - every other little girl was having her picture made in smocked dresses head to toe and Lilli was in shiny satin and sequins. She picked it out, she loves this outfit (and I do too - it's an original sample from Market).

Drawing in the sand...she loved writing her name, other letters, and drawing this year.
Surprised by the waves....

I was wearing a long maxi dress. This evening was the first time Brent realized that maxi dresses are all the rage. I'm way too short to wear stuff like this - it's horribly unflattering and shrinks me even more - so I'm ready for this trend to end.
More Florida adventures to come!

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