Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bathrooms, Hot Dogs and Mother's Day

If we do end up selling our house, one of the main "ick" points was our master bathroom. Compared to most East Nashville historic homes it's a great size (seriously), but that white tile just always looked SO nasty, and in a home with little to no storage/closets that horrible pedestal sink has ALWAYS been something I hated. But, we've never had a major vision for the bathroom or wanted to tackle busting it all out so besides painting and completely changing out the lights we've left it alone. Finally, to help get max value, we're making some potty upgrades.

Here's the before:
We always had to have a little shelving system to hold my makeup, hair dryer, all our toiletries, etc because there's no linen closet or storage in there. Always an eye sore! And see how "dirty" the grout look? It's always looked horrible and I've tried a million products on it.

Pulling the old sink out was really easy (besides some old pipes that wanted to crack). A guy at Home Depot recommended a product a home renovator in the neighborhood had recommended - see the difference in the top right section - um yeah - MIRACLE stuff.
Here's what the spray bottle looks like - and you can see in close up detail the difference between the clean tile and dirty tile. It's really AMAZING. A world of difference!
That evening we met some friends for dinner at Cori's Dog House. Just casual hot dogs and deep conversation between Lilli and Audrey. Lilli is about 9 months older than Audrey but they're right about the same height and hair!
Me and the Kiddos....Audrey wanted to watch Lilli play games...

The next day was Mother's Day. Lilli made me this card - it's pretty amazing. She completely wrote "Momy" by herself with zero help. She loves spelling my name and "writing my letters". And that's a picture of a monster.
On the inside, Brent only told her what letters to write but did not help her write them at all, just spelled it out verbally for her. "I Love You Lilli". She is really a genius. We have a parent-teacher conference in about a week and getting her into an advanced program is one thing we're going to discuss. I already talked about it with her school's director and she agreed Lilli is a good candidate for it. Yeah for future scholarships!On Mother's Day it rained buckets but us girlie's in our polka dots were prepared. And yes, my umbrella has Boston Terriers on it. An amazing Zulily find.
She wanted to take me to Shoney's, her favorite place. It was terrible. So packed and the service was bad and the food even worse. Crazy because our previous experience had been so good. So I think it's back to waiting 10 more years before we eat there.This is what Lilli got me for Mother's Day. She picked it out herself.

Look at that proud face! How could you not love it? It's the current centerpiece on our dining room table.

She was sleeping deeeeep that afternoon. We couldn't help ourselves. She saw it later and thought it was pretty hilarious.
Did I mention we wore polka dots for Mother's Day?
Yeah, Blogger is a pain tonight and throwing things out of order.

And that was our Mother's Day! Stay tuned for the big potty reveal!!!

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