Sunday, May 6, 2012

Florida Adventures - Part 3

On Saturday we did more of the same....pool time and lunch in the morning and beach in the afternoon. The beach was a little busier on Saturday but still really not busy at all with lots of personal space and plenty of room for everyone.More digging, jumping, building and tearing it all down.
The beach really did not have a lot of seaweed on it - but she spent the afternoon collecting every last bit of it.
That evening we went to the Old Florida Seahouse restaurant. It was terrible. So ridiculously overpriced. It was literally $73 for the three of us to eat three entrees - only water to drink for us all and no appetizers or dessert. We'll happily shell out that much for good food at a nice place - but this was none of the above. I had shrimp and grits that had no flavor, Brent was reasonably happy with his food and Lilli wanted mac n cheese and I have never seen more terrible mac in my life. It was penne pasta with shredded cheese melted on top. The end. No sauce. Hardly any cheese if you ask me. I felt terrible making her eat it. With a big slog of fries on the side. For $8 I was some fruit or veg on there too. I am so over restaurants and their unhealthy kids meals.
Sunday - a lot more of the same. Just the relaxing days of vacation. Before we left I counted and I've ended up with 16 swimsuits for her this season. We need to be hitting the pool a lot this year!!

Jumping, jumping, jumping. One day she's going to be the short kid on the basketball team that will surprise everyone with her vertical ability.
From the other angle.....this is so Lilli.
Can't believe this weekend is already over, boo!!!!

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