Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We are home!I guess from so much flying this year the little rock star thinks she needs to wear her shades on the plane, like she's somebody..... She actually did great on both flights on this trip, a marked change from our trip to Chicago just a couple of weeks ago. And our flight down to Houston last Saturday was one of those miserable every seat full Southwest flights, too. Today was only 3/4 full, so no one sat with us and we were able to spread out a little. I completely understand why at 2 years old you have to pay for them their own seat.....

We had a great trip! We saw Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma bringing mine and Brent's states traveled up to 47 and Lilli up to 8 states. We visited museums, wildlife refuges, saw a real alligator in the wild, did a factory tour, zoo, safari park, and saw the World's Richest Acre just to name a few. But probably one of our favorites was just going to the beach. We went to the beach twice, once on our first day and then again on our last day. Lilli loved it!
Of course she had to wear her patriotic swimsuit down in the patriotic state of Texas. We're at Galveston here.
She loved everything about it - digging in the sand, chasing birds, running in and out of the water, watching the waves crash, just everything about it.
She would run as fast as she could after all the seagulls and pigeons at the beach.
All in all a great vacation!! I would say it's good to be home but it's also good to be somewhere else and not have huge stacks of sandy laundry to do!

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