Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend we managed a nice mix of fun and work. Saturday morning I was playing around the house with Lil and she wanted to play dress up in her Sleeping Beauty dress and Dorothy shoes. We went outside to show her Daddy and he had found a snail for this bug-loving girlie.

He was working on the patio walkway extension next to the neighbors, finishing up last year's little project and cleaning up that side alleyway. Of course Lilli aka Sleeping Beauty wanted to help with some measurements.Here's a pic of that little landing beside the big old hackberry tree in progress. That area was always so viney and overgrown it just needed to be set up where vines and things can't grow. All of those bricks are really old bricks Mark gave us, many of them are from historic old buildings torn down in downtown, circa 1920.

That afternoon after nap time we hit up the fun side of Memorial Day weekend. We headed out to Maryland Farms YMCA for our favorite local kids pool. It's seriously the best kiddie pool in town, our pitiful East Nashville Y has nothing on it (both in clientele and amenities). We think we're narrowing in on a part of town we want to live in and it would put this Y as our closest one. Yeah!!
It was so funny to see her in this pool this summer. She could stand throughout pretty much all the kiddie pool areas. So much nicer than chasing her out of the areas over her head!
Splashed in the face by the big crab!She and I went back to the East pool near our house for an hour Sunday afternoon, so we got a lot of pool time over Memorial Day weekend. Up next, Memorial Day cookout!

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