Thursday, May 10, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

On Tuesday morning (May 1) we loaded up the car after breakfast and started the long, long way home. At this point Lilli actually was ready to go to her "real" home and see Pippin, her toys, her school. She was concerned her teachers and friends were missing her - ha!! That's some self esteem. Of course I had to put her in a Pippin outfit (courtesy BabyGap) for the ride home!We stopped at a McDonalds near the portion of the drive right before you finally get back on the interstate for lunch. Food photography runs in the family.
Our garden is growing SO well!! We made a cool potato planter out of tires we found in the alley (Brent had seen this on YouTube.) When the potatoes are ready you just cut the tires and don't have to do all the digging. We also spray painted the tires these fun colors. I'm in a real outdoorsy living mood lately and we've spray painted most of my outdoor pots bright colors!
One Wed night at church both Lilli and Madisyn were wearing Ariel outfits. These are two princess loving three year olds. Of course my girl would not calmly pose for a picture.
I found her some Batman PJs on Zulily for cheap. She LOVES them.
That's some of the latest goings on around here!

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