Monday, September 19, 2011

Vacation Day 6: More Beaching It

On Thursday we just had another beach day. I actually didn't spend quite as much time down at the beach as Brent and Lilli did that day, and we really didn't take many pictures. There's only so many pictures you can take of the same sand and water....

The floating billboard in the back cracked us up. It was actually a digital billboard that changed ads as it floated by. There were also just plain billboards that would float by, as well as the typical airplanes with ads. What I didn't like about Ocean City was how commercial it was. Tons of high-rises and hotels, way too many restaurants and mini-golf places. Basically a Yankee Gatlinberg on the water. We prefer a calmer pace and less "stuff", I think that's why we really liked the beaches in Galveston last year.Burying her alive is a great way to keep her in one spot.
She also met her first beach fling, Caden, Thursday after lunch. He's a blonde hair, blue eyed Baltimore boy whose family still didn't have power after Hurricane Irene so they packed up and hit the beach. He was about 4 months older than her but they were exactly the same size, which is so funny considering what a shrimp she is. I was hanging out it in the room, but saw them playing together down on the beach most of the afternoon. When I went down they were still playing and she was having the best time.
They'd climb and fall and just crawl all through the sand together. Earlier in the afternoon the tide was washing through there, but the tides go way in and way out in OC. It's really crazy how much they changed from high to low tide.
And then Caden had to go back to the condo with his Grandpa. Heartbreak central. She still remembers him because I asked her last week if she remembered her friend Caden and where they played together and she told me "the beach". Summer lovin'.......
She was pretty worn out and actually passed out for a late afternoon nap when we went back to the room. We were all feeling pretty lazy so we just sent Brent out for Taco Bell (vacation food of the stars) and hung out in the room watching cartoons for the evening.

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