Friday, May 25, 2012

Brent's Birthday

Last Saturday was Brent's birthday. We let him sleep in a bit and Lilli and I hung out watching cartoons. Once he got up she was dying for him to open his presents. She decorated a card for him....

She picked out some squeakers at the store. They have since mysteriously disappeared...
She also picked out this pink flamingo for him. She's VERY proud of it. And of that horrible shiny swimsuit she got at Family Dollar.Since this was a big "milestone" birthday I had gotten quotes on everything from renting out the General Jackson, hiring video game buses, hiring a surprise flash mob and then even just general party rentals. Once I looked at the costs of all those things - which in the end are just a fun memory and entertain other people sometimes more than yourself - I decided to get him something I KNEW he would enjoy for more than one evening:

The look of surprise for a new Ipad! The latest and great toy on the market. And he was SURPRISED!!
I asked Lilli if we wanted to go buy a cake or make one and she loves to bake so we ended up making one and having cake for breakfast.
The flamingo along with butterflies she got for Brent and a bird she got me for either Mother's Day last year or my birthday. Our deck is so very decorated!!Since she already had her swimsuit on we headed out for some free water play. There's a brand new waterpark downtown we haven't tried yet. Of course once we got through all the cars down there for a car show, figured out how to get around the car show, and then got down to the park - it was broken. The police guard said it's been broken pretty much since it opened. It's a fantastic park down on the River, so if they ever get it sorted it it's going to be a lot of fun.

We ended up going just across the River to Public Square. She got to run around in the wading pools...And then play around in the fountains. We pass the fountains every day on our way to and from school and Lilli was so excited to play in them. It was a hot Saturday and it was a refreshing and free way to cool down.Happy Friday!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Brent! I want to try that waterpark too. Thanks for the heads up that it is broken a lot. I heard the Kirkpatrick and the Smyrna ones are fun too. Bathroom looks so pretty!