Saturday, May 12, 2012


Last Saturday morning Lilli spent some time drawing in Photoshop. Most of the time she really would rather use the computer than watch TV.Then she applied her artistic skills to getting into my lipstick and having quite the time.
From there we drove down to Hohenwald to visit with Brent's parents. They wanted to treat Lilli to a new toy from Wally-world. She had no objections to that suggestion and ended up picking out a Rapunzel doll she's asked me for numerous times.
She was rather proud of her popsicle, and the old heavy cotton PJs of her cousins' that she found. It was probably 80+ degrees outside but she had to have them on.
Posing with Grandma.
On Sunday she chose this dress to wear (I usually let her have three options.) She was insistent that she looked **exactly** like Princess Tiana. I really don't think anyone would confuse the two of them. She was all about the twirl factor in this dress.
In fact, at church there was so much twirling she slide right on down on the asphalt and skinned her rear end (you can see it in the below pic). It was really a pretty major scrape. Luckily she made sure to show her teacher first thing Monday am so there was no confusion as to why she just couldn't stay in her seat.
This dress rated so high for her she slept in it for her afternoon nap, and then wore it again Sunday night.
I think I paid $5 for it at a consignment sale. Certainly I've already made my money back on it!

We've had a great weekend so far! We're considering putting our house on the market while this area is trending really red hot and getting something a little larger (but cheaper) in a different part of East Nashville. We've looked at several houses so far but really haven't seen "the one" yet, but we're also not in a huge rush either. I would love a playroom and some decent closets, and maybe a larger yard. Really weren't not looking for more square footage, just a different layout. We also have several fairly small projects to do before we list our house to make it hit its potential. Our plans for today were for me to repaint the front fence and Brent to finish the pathway in the alley between us and our garage/neighbors house but it rained most of the day. Instead we ripped the sink out of our bathroom and are working on installing a new one. The old one was horrible and provided no storage, and the new one is SO pretty and has several drawers to really help declutter our bathroom. The grout in there also has always looked so nasty, and we finally found a product to help clean it and it looks pretty much amazing in there. This is the only fairly large project we need to do, other things are minor like some ceiling re-painting and touchups, so hopefully in a couple of weeks we will be ready to act if we see something more suitable for us!

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