Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pre-Florida Days

Just a few pics from the two weeks before Florida, to at least have some of it in Lilli's digital scrapbook.

She's so excited about our garden this year and loves to "help". Tonight she was helping me weed my wildflower garden. It's the newest part of our garden and still has the most trouble with weeds, so I'm not sure how many flowers got pulled and how many weeds got pulled. Her peas are growing like crazy!!!This was one Sunday night before church, this little outfit is from Market in Atlanta and so cute!!!

One Wednesday night after class.....they had done some crafts with beans and rice and peas and these three did not want to leave!!
One Friday night we headed out to Target to get some things for vacation. This was the result of Lilli in the back seat with a stamp. She stamped her entire body, head to toe. We really didn't care at all, but she got a ton of looks from people. It's all washable, who really cares??
This was her peas a week ago. It's even worse than this now!! Tonight we built a "cage" with strings hanging down for them to grow onto.
Brent found her doing this one morning - she had her nativity, some Easter eggs, and then a shark attacking all of them. Interesting.
Still trying to catch up from being gone several days and probably not doing a very good job of it. Florida pics to come!!


  1. A new follower from Kelly's Korner! I saw you are a Nashville momma - I live in Franklin! Always fun to find other Nashville moms...Happy Friday!

  2. I found your blog from through Kelly's Korner. I live in Smyrna. It's nice to find blogs of other people who live in Middle Tennessee.

  3. Hi Rachel! Visiting from Kelly's Korner and it's so nice to "meet" you! I'm in Middle Tennessee (McMinnville) and love meeting other Southerners. You've got an adorable blog and beautiful family:)!

  4. I'm also swinging by from Kelly's Korner. I'm just north of Nashville. What a beautiful girl!