Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lots of Pippin....

I'm getting closer to caught up, woo hoo! I know it won't last though, July brings lots of travel for us and is always such a busy month here.

Just some random stuff....she loves going with Daddy to the local organic grocer to grind coffee beans......Lots more walks to see the firetrucks....
Sometimes we get tatted up and show off our muscles....
Pippin is still our best friend and feeling great. You really can't even see his scar which is just amazing.

We don't need a lot of space! (Yes, she still wants to wear her princess gown most days when she gets home. This one was actually from last week when she was home with her 24-hour Virus.)
We gave Pippin a tubby that night. Little Bossypants was all about telling Pippin what he needed to be doing.
Not so excited about the tubby!

If he could jump out, he would!! He hates water more than a cat. It probably doesn't help that my little helper loves pouring water all over him.
Where's Lilli?

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