Friday, June 24, 2011

Puddle Jumper

On a rainy/cloudy night last week....

What fun is it to own rainboots if you never get to splash in any puddles with them???

TGIF! We're excited to be heading to our first big show tomorrow - Sesame Street Live, Elmo Imagines 1-2-3. I think she's only seen Sesame Street once or twice, but we have a few Elmo books and I think she'll just generally have fun. Our office got great discounts for what I think are some really good seats, so I figured it would be a nice time to try something like this out! The only thing that makes me nervous is the "potty" situation so I may make her wear a Pull-up just in case we can't get to a bathroom fast enough and I imagine the lines will be pretty nuts in the bathrooms as well.

(*Lilli's totally back to normal and had a great day at school today. Thank goodness this virus seems to have come and gone rather quickly!)

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