Monday, June 6, 2011

The Rest of Memorial Day....

A few last pics from Memorial Day weekend....

Lil in her patriotic skirt and some croc samples I got free at work..."Walking the block", her fave thing to do, and jumping the cicadas.
We went to Lowes and got more plants for the yard. She put a LOT of extra things in my buggy and wanted to get 4 of everything (one for mommy, for daddy, Pippin, Lilli). The orange daisy was specifically for Pippin.
Our haul. The rest of the veggies/herbs my garden needed as well as other things for pots and containers.
Hot day calls for her new little backyard pool.
The finished step! Phase 1 of the patio is complete, and Brent is really well into Phase 2 now (wrapping it around the garden).
The view from the roof of our backyard. Brent had to get up there and fix a missing chimney cap that came off during the recent storms. We actually ended up finding the missing one this past Sunday during another bad storm. It must have been caught up in a tree somewhere or something.
Some contractors came out today and it doesn't look like our roof had any damage so I don't think the paint will be enough to meet our deductible considering it wasn't in great shape to begin with. Not totally sure about it yet, but we will probably get the whole house painted very soon regardless.

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