Monday, June 13, 2011


One night last week we heard a knock on the door and saw our "alley neighbors" on the front porch. Their little girl Alex is about kindergarten age and had decided she was too big for her scooter and wanted a big kid Razer scooter, and she wanted Lilli to have her old one!How nice is that? As much as we do like to chuckle that they are incredibly suburban, in our young/hip/eclectic neighborhood, with their big SUVs, giant seasonal themed inflatables and backyard strung with Christmas lights that the husband likes to watch sports outdoors to, they are great neighbors. They're quiet, don't have yappy animals, keep their yard looking much better than ours and they don't constantly leave their trashcans where I will most certainly back over them every Friday. What more can you ask for?
Lilli was acting a bit shy and wouldn't try it out in front of them (but she did say thank you and talk some), but literally the second they left our yard she was on it and had no trouble figuring out how to work it. It's very sturdy and not easy to tip over, so it's perfect for her. And it plays all kinds of songs that already go through my head at various times in the day.
Scooting with Brent....
And the best part is the basket on the front - perfect for transporting dead (and living) bugs.
Thankfully I haven't seen a living cicada in probably about 5 days, and the sparrows have made some seriously quick work of the dead bodies. On a much happier note the lightning bugs are out in full force and that's something I don't mind collecting dozens of! Although we did learn the hard lesson today that if you leave them in the bug carrier out on the deck all day when it's 95 degrees they will burn to a crisp. Oopsie! Luckily Brent got home before us to meet a painter quoting on doing the exterior work so he disposed of the bodies before Lilli and I got home and we just told her they all went home to their Mommies and Daddies and she was satisfied with that answer.

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