Friday, July 1, 2011

Lots of Food....

If you're looking for us, most of the time we're at the playground.Mostly just being weird and having fun. Someone please buy Brent a new pair of jeans, and also a new pair of shorts.
I promise I have other shirts, too. I just generally try to avoid creating more laundry.
We love Greek food. Probably because a pita looks like a tortilla and rice is rice.
Live music makes us all happy, too. She was the only one who clapped for every song they played!
FroYo is also a happy maker. Sweet CeCe's is all the rage basically all over town so we checked out the one in Green Hills last weekend after we got my new iPhone. We were disappointed that their FroYo contains lactose (via skim milk) but they did have one sorbet Lilli could eat. The problem with that is that she would always rather eat mine instead, and I for sure wasn't getting an orange sorbet.
Rainy Sunday lead to initial umbrella excitement.
That excitement is short lived as sugar apparently does melt if it gets wet. It's a really good thing I work out.
Kroger is getting wilder by the week.
Apparently she has a future in Visual Merchandising. I know a few places that could use some help in that area.
Hip Hip Hooray for a long weekend!

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