Friday, June 17, 2011

Adventures in the Garden

Last week we had very little rain, and by Friday night all my plants and garden needed a mega-dose of water. So after we ate dinner I asked Brent to get the garden hose pulled around to the front and set up (we hadn't used the hose out front yet this season). Unfortunately for me the junior assistant was there helping him and he gave HER the hose first. So she was so kindly watering the fence for me at first.On a side note, she loves wearing her pajamas and a lot of days will put them back on as soon as we get home. This particular day she was wearing a ratty pair of princess pajamas that's half torn up, which somehow just makes these pictures even better. So, I was telling her to water the FLOWERS, not the fence, when a brilliant idea happens to cross her mind, just as Brent was videoing. Of course he had fun doing a little slow-mo animation.

Um yeah, so watering Mommy because the best ever idea for the day. It's ridiculous how coordinated she is to aim, get the hose to fire, and of course hit her target.
Over and over.
Eventually she did water a flower or two, but the game to her was more fun to water everything else but the flowers.
But she was having so much fun!
Eventually I had to take it away from her (cue temper tantrum), but she was promised if she didn't cry she could have the hose when I was finished and play as long as she wanted, so that worked. It's much nicer these days when she can understand some logic and "choices", versus the younger temper tantrums that are all or nothing! True to my word, when I was done the hose was all hers.
She watered the garage, fence, patio, Brent's landscaping supplies, Pippin, herself (a LOT) and some of the flowers.
She was one wet mess when she was eventually done! And then of course she got mad that she was wet, HA!

Tonight is a "big" night. We are **finally** saying good-bye to the papi (pacifier). She only gets it for sleeping, and we're the only chumps who give it to her. She hasn't had one at daycare since she was 12 months old. So she is clearly capable of sleeping without it. I've been meaning to take it away since she was 2, but have made lots of excuses, mainly teething related ones. But she is pretty much obsessed with it so we might as well pull the plug and just do it. So I read a few tips online and liked one where the mom told the kid they were planting their papis and the next morning lollipops would bloom because they didn't need them anymore. Candy is a great bribe/motivator for Lilli, so I thought that would be a good one for us to try. When I walked down to Walgreens today for some suckers I saw they had Pillow Pets on a great sale for $14.99. She didn't have one, so I thought a new pillow to sleep on would be a great motivator as well. She was SUPER excited about the pillow and then had no trouble picking a spot in the yard to bury her papis. Even bedtime went pretty great, she got sad about her papi for a minute but she understands and has said "no papis, pillow!" a few times. But she still just hasn't fallen asleep. She'll be quiet for a while and then sort of wimper -once she wanted more milk, once she wanted to potty (that has happened several times lately - including once at 1 am), once she wanted Brent to take the barrettes out of Rapunzel's hair (seriously) and for a while she sang her ABCs. And it's now 9:15 and she's awake an hour later than usual, just sort of fussing. But it really is going better than I thought - I figured we'd have full on cry-it-out (which we have done on numerous occasions and it very much works for us) for hours. So, if she ever just gives it up and goes to sleep I think it will be a pretty good success, and the lollipops we plant in the yard tomorrow morning and after naptime will be a HUGE motivator for her! Perhaps we should have just added some Nyquil to her milk!!!

**It took forever for my video to upload, so right around 9:20 I went in there one last time, gave her some more milk, rocked her for a minute and reminded her we'd have candy for breakfast but she had to go to sleep first and we haven't heard a peep from her since then! So far so good, I really thought she'd cry for at least two hours (we've maxed at 2.5 hours cry-it-out before) so 1 hr and 20 minutes of random talking and a little fussing before she went to sleep is pretty stinking good!

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