Friday, June 10, 2011

Walk the Block

Every night it's "walk the block walk the block walk the block". It's good exercise and a lot healthier than sitting around the house doing nothing, so pretty much every night we end up walking between .4 mile - 1 mile. Saturday morning she wanted to wear this skirt (some European boutique brand I got at a consignment sale) and wanted to carry her balloons and Brent took some pics with his nice camera that I think came out so pretty! The bright colors really make it a prettier than normal walk the block.
Jumping the cicadas...I haven't seen a living one in about two days now, and it's very quiet in the yard. I think the invasion is over now!We walk to the fire house every day. On Saturday they were gone and she was exasperated.
Mean firemen!
Pondering life outside the B&B.
Cicada on a pole!

She has actually been sad about the lack of them this week. She always jumped over them walking to the car in the afternoons so we've had to start finding other things to jump.
So glad it's Friday! It's been a long week and I am looking forward to "sleeping in" tomorrow. When you're up at 5 all week getting up at 7:30 is really not a bad deal!

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